New Officers Of The Church Of Scotland National Youth Assembly

Congratulations are in order to Elder Lynsey Martin and Esther Nisbet who were recently named as the new Moderator and Clerk of the Church of Scotland's 2013 National Youth Assembly. I have not found a formal press release but the NYA officers web page was recently updated. It has been a little while since they were nominated since Lynsey's appointment is mentioned in her church's January/February newsletter.

Moderator Designate Lynsey Martin is a ruling elder for the Barnhill St. Margaret's Church in Dundee and she has recently completed five years of law training and as the bio says she "is slowly adjusting to not being a student any more" and now doing administrative work at a law firm.

She has been extensively involved with the NYA and its mission trips since 2005 and has attended the General Assembly three times. Looking forward, the web page includes this quote from her about the upcoming NYA:
I’m really excited to have been invited to be the next Moderator of the National Youth Assembly. One of the wonderful things about NYA is that it’s constantly evolving. In our worship and discussion we take time to learn about our Church, its work, our God and ourselves. That is why I’m so happy that the theme this year shall be: ‘Identity: Who do you say that I am?’ I think it’s important that we take time to reflect on our identity, as individuals and as a Church and it’s brilliant that the NYA is able to be a safe place for that through providing opportunity, space, time and community. It is my hope that those attending NYA will be encouraged to respond to this theme not only at NYA but throughout their lives.

Clerk Designate Esther Nisbet is active in her congregation of St. Leonards Parish Church in Dunfermline. She is a music student at the University of Glasgow and also has extensive experience with the NYA having also gone on the mission trips and participated with the General Assembly twice. About this opportunity she is quoted as saying:
I am delighted to have been asked to be the Clerk of the National Youth Assembly and I’m looking forwards to developing the role and working with the Moderator, Lynsey!
One thing that struck me about both of the officers is that they share a love of music. Esther is not just a music student but plays violin in the praise band at her church. Lynsey is also active musically and recently began serving as the organist at Coldside Parish Church in Dundee. I suspect from the number of instruments each plays they must be active in other music groups as well.

They will be installed when the 2013 National Youth Assembly convenes on Friday 16 August in Dundee and they will help run the Assembly through the following Monday. As the quote from Lynsey said, the theme is "Identity" and the NYA page adds a bit more:
Our theme for 2013 is ‘Identity – who do you say I am?’ so we’ll be exploring what it is to be me, what it is to be in the Church of Scotland and what it is to be Scottish.
The page also talks about a bit of a change in the format — "For NYA 2013 our focus will be shifting from debates to other forms of learning and decision making." It will be interesting to see how that goes.

And don't worry, the page also says that all the usual fun social events will be there as well.

As Presbyterian youth events go this is a significant one because the topics discussed are related not just to the lives of the youth but also to the life of the Kirk and Scottish society in general. What will come out of their deliberations will be sent to the 2014 General Assembly and Lynsey will have the responsibility of presenting much of it. This event is also usually live streamed and I am looking forward to that and have blocked out the weekend on my calendar to watch. I don't know how the new format will work with live streaming but I am interested to see.

As always, our blessings upon the Lynsey and Esther as they take up this calling and prayers for your Assembly and your year in office.
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