Presbyterian News Headlines For The Week Ending August 25, 2013

A bit of a busy week for me but I will try to crank this out before I settle in for the holiday weekend here in the states...

When last we heard from the Church of Scotland concerning their staff and changes to their benefits, there seemed to be a bit of confusion about the actual terms of the deal. This week brought reports of the workers considering the news:
Kirk workers to meet in row over pensions - from Herald Scotland

Church criticised by union over pension letter - from Herald Scotland

And the Church of Scotland has announced it is modernizing its Sunday School curriculum:
Church of Scotland to modernise Sunday school - from the BBC

A couple of headlines related to the Free Church as well:
Church joins pleas for an end to carnage on the A9 - from Scottish Express: One of several articles about the Free Church asking for improvements to a dangerous stretch of highway.

Inside Track: Free Church signals its determination to be heard - from Herald Scotland: a column about the Free Church now publicly engaging the wider world with the A9 improvements as an example.

From Ghana we have reports from two General Assemblies that outline a number of the actions taken at each but with an emphasis, at least in the media, on issues that involve the country as a whole:
E.P. Church requests return of property - from Ghana Business news: The Evangelical Presbyterian Church requesting to have some property in Accra returned so they can build offices in the capital as well as talk about partnering more closely with the government on hospitals and universities.

President Mahama lauds E.P. Church - from Ghana Business News: And they got some kind words back from the president

Ghana’s democracy will be strengthened by the SCV– Presby Church - from SPY Ghana: A review of the Presbyterian Church Assembly that highlights their hopes for positive change from the party in power.

And two more headlines from the week that are interesting for the cultural insights they give. First from the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian:
Religious madness! Livingstonia Synod to force Ngoni chiefs back to CCAP - from The Maravi Post: "MZUZU(MaraPost)—Livingstonia Synod general secretary the Reverend Levi Nyondo has said that all Mzimba Ngoni chiefs belong to the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) and those chiefs going to other churches are wasting their time and declared that his synod will bring all Ngoni chiefs who have gone to other denominations back to their mother church, CCAP." This is based on a 1978 treaty.
And from Mizoram Province of Northern India:
Mizo church may do away with infant burial taboo - from The Times of India: "AIZAWL: The Presbyterian Church of India, Mizoram Synod, the largest church in the state, is likely to do away with one of the oldest traditional taboos associated with infant deaths. In Mizo tradition, infants below three months are not accorded a decent burial like adults in village cemeteries. Instead, they are buried in kitchen gardens of the bereaved families. This practice is called 'Hlamzuih'."
So that's it for this week. See you next week.
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