“If you care, you understand.”

This evening NPR’s show “All Things Considered” had a piece on the internet and the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the 2007 Cricket World Cup currently being held in the West Indies.  Most of the cricket part was about watching on the internet versus watching in a movie theater with the live satellite broadcast.  But at the end of the segment the host made the comment:

“By the way, the big news from the tournament today was: A South African player made World Cup history when he smashed six sixes in an over.  If you care you understand.”

It struck me that this captures this, and a lot of other blogs, perfectly.  Just as this description of a cricket accomplishment is almost totally incomprehensible to me, much of what I write about is probably gibberish to many other people.  But, “If you care, you understand.”

And now back to our regularly scheduled news.

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