82nd General Assembly Of The Orthodox Presbyterian Church

210px-OrthodoxPresbyterianChurchlogoThe 82nd General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church begins this evening, 3 June, at Dordt College in Souix Center, Iowa. The meeting will conclude no later than noon next Tuesday, 9 June.

This GA does not have live streaming but we have the next best thing: There is a tradition of very well done running daily reports for the OPC GA and if the tradition continues this year I will update here with the link. The report page has now gone live. Enjoy.

The agenda and reports are not posted on line but you can access the Book of Church Order and the Standing Rules and Instructions of GA if you need background material.

Last year one of the individuals following the GA, Chortles Weakly, tweeted#OPCGA may be the twitterverse’s loneliest hashtag.” Well, it may be lonely but it is still worth following for this Assembly. As the commissioners travel to Iowa there is a promise from David Landow (@DavidLandow) to be tweeting from the meeting. In addition, Rachel Stevenson (@whatshewrote) indicates that she will be documenting the event photographically. I have a few others in mind to recommend but have decided to hold off until I see who is there and active on social media. UPDATE: As we enter the second full day of the Assembly I would add Andrew Buckingham (@andrewbuckingha), Jim Stevenson (@RevJimOPC) and Winchester RPCNA (@winchesterrpcna) to the list.

So we will keep watching and enjoying the tweets and (hopefully) the running updates from the OPC. And tomorrow, with the OPC and the PCI going we add a third GA to distract you, the Presbyterian Church in Canada. So stay tuned for all the action from a day of 3 GA’s. More on Canada to come tomorrow morning.

But prayers for the teaching and ruling elders of the OPC as they travel to the meeting and spend a week reflecting on what the Spirit is doing in their branch and their discernment of the future.

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