On Saturday I Took My Daughter For A Short Walk…

…Down the aisle of the church.

No profound reflections for today on the event — I am still enjoying and not analyzing the day. Sometime I might have processed it enough to make some more comments. I will simply add that it was a beautiful ceremony using the traditional liturgy that honored and praised God. As a bonus almost everything went as planned.

So my summer distractions will be over shortly and hopefully my blogging will return to normal, whatever that may be. And thank you for allowing me to go a bit off-topic and share this personal note.

My congratulations to Rebecca and Isaac.* May God bless your marriage giving you many happy years together and we are very pleased to have our family expand.

*[Notes: (1) The biblical parallels of the names are not missed by us and others. (2) Pictures by my son Philip and his friend Rachel.]

7 thoughts on “On Saturday I Took My Daughter For A Short Walk…

  1. kevin manuel

    Many congratulations to the whole family!! This is absolutely wonderful news. You don’t look a day older than you did when we were last at LVHPC in 2001. 🙂 Rebecca, on the other hand, has certainly grown up!

    Much joy to you all,


  2. Steve Salyards

    Thanks Kevin. Maybe the most amazing part was how stress-free the day was considering how much Rebecca always wants things “just right.” A lot of people worked hard to be sure it was.

  3. Merilyn Vaughn

    Congratulations! Being father of the bride is not easy. Our daughter got married in June. It is a surreal experience; it already feels like at least a year ago and it’s only been three months. Sounds like you’re as happy with your new son-in-law as we are.

  4. Steve Salyards

    Thanks. It certainly is surreal.

    It does seem a very long time ago but I attribute it to an additional family event that I will write about in a bit once I have processed some more.

    And yes, our new son-in-law is a wonderful young man and it is a pleasure to now have him part of the family.


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